September 2015 – Monthly Shipping Report

September 29, 2015

The Monthly Shipping Report

So I’m going to be writing about what I do code wise every month. Part of the idea is to keep me motivated and accountable for writing this blog, but also help me learn new things.

The goal initially is to try and ship at least 1-2 projects a month. It would be great if I could do some open source pull requests, but I’ll focus on shipping projects just to see what happens.

Potential sections of the report:

  • What Was Shipped – This will be an update on what I intended to ship and what actually happened.
  • What I Learned – This will be an update of what I learned.
  • Upcoming – An update on what I plan to do for the coming month.

September 2015 Monthly Shipping Report

What Was Shipped

So this was the month I had the idea for a Monthly Shipping Report. I hadn’t really thought at the start of the month what I wanted to ship, so October will be an interesting time to see what happens when I actually have a monthly shipping goal.

Here is what I shipped that is of note:

What I Learned

I always end up with less time than I think to do things, but optimizing through code can help. To make the semanticfieldsfor_demo, I relied on using the Rails Template API, and setup a script around that. Essentially, I run a rails command line command that installs all gems and creates all the setup I need for a dummy Rails application using a “template” file I setup. I might have counted that in the What Was Shipped Report but I decided not to.

I also had a lot of personal stuff that came up that I had to deal with that prevented me from doing more, but all in all, not a bad month. I produced about 50% code, and 50% written material for the blog.

Upcoming {#upcoming}

Right now, my current thoughts are to start working on an Elixir application of some kind, but I haven’t quite narrowed it down to an exact project.