Over the years of developing my own programming skills I have worked hard to collect and list only the best resources to help myself move forward professionally.

It’s my goal that I can use that information to help you on your journey towards a better career in the programing industry.

I’ve categorized the resources into main themes such as videos, books and courses.

Ruby Weekly

A weekly curated email newsletter devoted to Ruby and Rails related topics. It helps you keep up with what’s going on especially if you don’t like subscribing to multiple RSS feeds.

Ruby Rougues

A podcast devoted to all things Ruby and Rails related. It’s a fun show for keeping up with what’s going on in the Rails and Ruby communities.

The Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl

This is a great book if you’re just getting started with learning about Rails, as well as some of the little nuances about the framework. I wrote up a review about it here.