Configuring NERDTree window size with janus.vim

September 01, 2015

Configuring NERDTree window size with janus for vim

So recently I decided my NERDTree window size as I was using the janus vim distribution was too wide.

I managed to change it by doing the following:

Step 1 – Check out the current window size

:let g:NERDTreeWinSize

Step 2 – To set the window size to some other value:

:let g:NERDTreeWinSize=20

Note: Also, quit your window and reopen to refresh and see the changes.

Step 3 – To make this change permanent, put this line in your vimrc file:

let g:NERDTreeWinSize=20

Note: I tried this with: Vim 7.4 and Ubuntu 14.04